Monday, 28 June 2010

What's New!

I finished up in Kavaleer,, on Friday. I had a brilliant time working there, so hopefully there will be more projects I can work on in the future. Everyone there was amazing and I learned tonnes.

Now I have tonnes of free time, so what to do! Well, aside from my long weekend to Kerry for a hol, I will be doing a new business card, sprucing up my blog and doing some more flash projects. I might even try figure out how to do my website. I bought my domain name before Christmas and I still haven't done a thing with it!

Watch this space anyway, because it should be getting shinier over the next few weeks!!


tinylittlesandra said...

Onwards! To great things... no doubt you'll get to work with them again :)

Lovely work below...great doodles!

Louise Skinnader said...

Great Niki, keep up the good work!!^^