Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Adobe CS FIVE!!!!

Got word today that my copy of Adobe CS5 is on route to my house (from Studica). I cant wait to get it! Gonna be amazing!!!

Meeting with RTE today went really well. Me and Dan are officially on their books! Only a teeny tiny project, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere!! :D

Working on a Flash animation for GAMMA. Givin that socks at the moment. Hopefully have a really nice production package for them by Friday.

Lots to keep me going, but no new images to post! But hooray for CS5. Cant wait to get it!!!


Alan Carruthers said...

so jealous..maybe someday ill buy it..wat did you get just flash or one of the Creative suite and is the giving you anything towards it...How goes the job anyway

Nichola Kehoe said...

I got the production suite. cant wait to get it :D its only d student version to keep me goin. My bro is a student so its officially in his name. i'll need a few more jobs b4 i can afford anything else. Job is goin good. Bit stressful, but aside from that, all good! How goes college?

Leeann H said...

RTE....? >_>;